Special Friends Inc.
Welcome to the official website for Special Friends Inc.
Special Friends, Inc. was organized to promote the general welfare of all people with emotional, physical, and developmental disabilities in Chippewa County.  We are a volunteer (no paid staff) agency.  We welcome members who are parents, professionals, neighbors, and friends of people who need our help to improve the quality of their lives in our community.  We welcome the interest, ideas and support of all those who share this goal and know that by working together we will succeed.
Meet our Board Members
The Special Friends, Inc. Board of Directors includes parents and professionals who either have children or work with people with special needs.

Donna Loew- President
The parent of an adult who has Down Syndrome

Peggy Crank- Vice President
The parent of 3 children one with Down Syndrome

Ruth Adix- Secretary
The parent of a young woman with a variety of special needs

Dawn Hager- Treasurer
The parent of 6 children all with special needs

Arlette Olson- Boardmember
Had a family member with Down Syndrome and participates with Chippewa PALS

Ginger Waegli- Boardmember
Works for Chippewa River Industries with individuals who have special needs.

Beverly Seidlitz- Boardmember
Has an adult group home and the parent of a young woman who has special needs

Tammy Loew- Recipient Advisor
An adult with Down Syndrome

Kelvin Hager- Recipient Advisor
A teenager who has a Chromosone Deletion Disorder

Special Friends Inc. Officers

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